Control by who?

World nowadays.

I'm thinking, am I controlling my life? If that so, why I keep doing the things that I hated? Why I need to wake up tiredly every weekdays and rushing to not to be in jammed and late for work? Why I need to work with the people that want me to work for him like gila but he keep saying I'm not work good enough. Sigh.

Working like no tomorrow everyday just to earn a little money for pay all the bills and at the end of the day, pekin duit nak makan. Sad reality. This is shoe me enough that the world controlling me now. I don't have time for my life, I don't even have enough time to do ibadah sunat. Trying hard to wake up early for tahajjud but my body just too tired. Yeah. Alasan kan? 

I wonder what my purpose of life. Kejar dunia pun tercicir-cicir lagi. Akhirat? Ntah berapa batu dah tertinggal. Hurm, should do something about it since tinggal berapa lama je lagi masa nak hidup kan. Hidup ni bukan untuk kepuasan di dunia saja. Kalau takda bekal sikit pun untuk akhirat nanti apa guna kan. 

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