Smile :)

Im not here for a very long time. I miss this blog. I miss talking to this wall.

Banyak ups and downs of me lately an me kinda crazy sekarang. Haiyarhh. Supposely tak balik raya haji kat rumah dan bakal meronggeng di Kelantan. Tapi nampak gayanya kena balik untuk betulkan wayar otak yang berselirat ni. Okay enough with this nonsense. I just wanna share the precious moment so that i can keep smiling when i read this blog 40 years later. If  me still alive lah. Haha.

19.10 - Is adham's birthday. Still tak dapt sambut bersama but me tetap gave him a lil present. Just to show how mush I love and glad to him in my life. I gave him home-made chocolates which is definitely not made by my hand. Tempah jee yang mampu. But he is kinda love it kot. Hahaha. U have no choice lah adham. You must love it!

23.10 - The lil girl was born. my brother's daughter actually. But I love her soooo much like my own sister or daughter?? Eww! hahaha. But she is gorgeous to me! Like princes and i love u nur izz zara qeysha!

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